"Στο μέλλον, η Γη έχει κατορθώσει να ανακάμψει μετά από τους μακρόχρονους εμφύλιους πολέμους της και την μεγάλη κοσμο-καταστροφή της μαγνητικής καταιγίδας. Οι χρυσοί αιώνες ακολούθησαν, και τώρα η ανθρωπότητα απολαμβάνει τους καρπούς του πολιτισμού της έχοντας αποικήσει και σε άλλους πλανήτες του ηλιακού συστήματος, στις περίφημες ιπτάμενες ηπείρους του Κρόνου και τις φουτουριστικές μεγαλούπολεις του Ουρανού.
Κάποιοι άνθρωποι όμως, με ικανότητες που μόνο λίγοι μπορούν να κατανοήσουν, επωφελούνται από τις άγριες συνθήκες που επικρατούν μεταξύ των τριών πλανητών της Ομοσπονδίας, και στέκονται έτοιμοι για να προκαλέσουν κακό.

Μόνο μια δύναμη ανώτερη είναι ικανή να αντιμετωπίσει τους κινδύνους που προσπαθούν να διαταράξουν την φυσική γαλήνη του κόσμου και να επαναφέρει την αρμονία."

Summer of Games

Have a great great Summer, kids. I'm going to Crete once again. Oh, I almost forgot! I have to take my favorite videogames with me (!):

(*sigh*... I sure miss my Gameboy...)
Collaboration with the talented CG artist, Spyros Kossyvas. He did a great job on the cartridges! Please visit him here! -->

Oh, and... as many say,
Summer is Coming.

Loads of Fandom

It is very pleasing to see that fan art is growing in many ways, not only in illustrations. Just like mr. George's cubecraft Galaxia in the previous post.
Now, as I told ya, that mini pixel art thingy I did, eventually became an magnet accessory! Elaborated by Pixelate Accessories [link]. Isn't it a cutie? Thanks for your support!

And finally, Manos, a very good friend of mine and a great cartoonist did this version of the comic's mascot:

 You can find more of Manos here -> [link]

I'll have some feedback from the next comicbook in the next post.


Strangely enough, these late two weeks I'm receiving a lot of fan art pictures about the comic. I;m thinking to open a new section called "Fan Art" in the blog. Thing is, that they are not always only pictures. We talk about lotsa stuff. Like this cute paper doll Mr. George made:

On top of this, I made this pixel art version of Galaxia, in order to become a pixelated accessory. You'll see. Do you like it?

Saint Petersburg

Hi! Here's a double spread from the next book. It turned out so nice, I like it... Good old Leningrad. Yes, we are on Earth at last, fellas. :D

You like it, don'tcha? C u next post, and thanks for the look.


Last Saturday everything went OK, and now I'm giving away some presents :). Wallpapers for everyone! Njoy! Oh, and next week I 'll probably show you some progress again.

Galaxia Numbah 3 Presentation

Hey, guys and girls!

This Saturday, at 8 o'clock in the evening, at LEFIK (5th Ag. Eirinis str., Monastiraki), we'll have a small (re)presentation about the Galaxia comic-book series. I'll be there, signing books, making sketches for everybody, and giving free posters, as the one seen below. This presentation will be more or less a discussion about comics in general, and I'll gladly hear your opinions about what to improve in mine, too.
Thanks in advance. I'll be waitin'! =]

Teaser :)

Hello gang.
Maybe it's too early to show this, but I'm quite excited so... look who's back in these small teaser from the 4th book! =I

Pages are flowing at a good pace, and although the Galaxia #4 is longer than the previous books, it may be finished faster than I thought, after all. :)

Oh, and something else, too.
The' fanzine cover (made by Lena) features a lot of well-known comicbook characters! And look! Among them is our missy, too! The image itself is also a very nice test to sharpen your comic knowledge. Can you name them all?

Lena's comics:

Thankies to Lena, and for you, have a nice week.